Hilary Hahn

Hilary Hahn
Plays Bach


Hilary Hahn / Plays Bach

For me ,of the great thing,sbout solo Bach is its portability:Baach goes everywere with me.

I play one or anothe of the sonatas and partitas in most of my recitals,and I use movements of Bach as encores in concerto performances.

When I visit school classes or do pre-concert inteviwes or give benefit performances or play in reirement homes,I frequentry play Bach .

Somewhere in the sonatas and partitas,there is music suits nearly every occaision,and audiences of ages and back grunds respond to it.

Even before I began playing the violin,my parents (who sang comminity choirs) where always playing tapes of the B Minor Mass or the cantatas at home,and the music grew on me.

I remember my excitement when my early teacher,Klara Berkovich,told me I could play some solo Bach in my firest recital.

I also remember the feeling of revelation in a recital in Texas later when,in the middle of playing the D Minor Partira,I suddnly heard for the firrst time exzactly what was on hamonyically in the Ciaconna:it was one of the great insights of my life.

To be Continued
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